Q: Who is/owns First Responder Gear?
A: First Responder Gear is owned by a member of the First Responder community who works full time in a 4 on 4 off capacity. He has created First Responder Gear to provide the most value possible to First Responders across United States.

Q: Why was First Responder Gear created?
A: First Responder Gear was created to provide more affordable kit and clothing options to members of the first responder community across the United States.

Q: Are all items offered in-stock?
A: All items available for purchase are in-stock. If an item is out of stock you can register to be notified once the product is back in stock.  

Q: Does First Responder Gear ship outside of the USA?
A: Yes.

After placing an order with First Responder Gear you will automatically receive a confirmation email followed by a fulfilment email once your purchase has been shipped.

If you have any questions please email info@frgtactical.com.