Eleven 10 CAB Med Pouch & Wallet

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Eleven 10

Eleven 10 CAB Med Pouch & Wallet

Eleven 10 CAB Med Pouch & Wallet

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The Eleven 10® CAB Medical kit is designed to hold the essential tools to manage CAB (Circulation, Airway, and Breathing). Although considered a more robust kit compared to other IFAKs, it can be worn on your duty belt or you can utilize the included Malice Clips to mount it to any MOLLE/PALS webbing. The pouch has a cross patch to identify it as “medical.” The inside is an open compartment and has a quick deployment ribbon that can be loaded under your contents to allow for a quick, easy deployment. It features an insert wallet to organize the kit contents. 

Kit Includes:

  • (1) CAB Med Pouch with Insert Wallet
  • (2) CLEER Medical Trauma Dressing 4"
  • (1) QuikClot Combat Gauze LE
  • (1) Phokus Research Frog Gauze
  • (2) Nitrile Gloves
  • (2) Phokus Research Group/Eleven 10 Frog Tape
  • (1) North American Rescue Hyfin Vent Compact Chest Seal, Twin Pack
  • (1) Cyalume Blue 6" Chemlight
  • (1) NPA 28Fr
  • (1) North American Rescue Combat Casualty Card
  • (1) 5.5" Trauma Shears

All of Eleven 10®’s products are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. 

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