Safariland Equipment Locking System Kit

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Safariland Equipment Locking System Kit

Safariland Equipment Locking System Kit

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The ELS Kit features the ELS 34 Locking Fork and the ELS 35 Receiver Plate. The ELS Kit provides a mounting platform for tactical or competition accessories to be placed in various locations, including belt clips, tactical rigs, or directly in MOLLE loops with the use of an MLS 16 Locking Fork. This kit can be used for the quick attachment and detachment of accessories. Each ELS Kit includes (2) ELS 34 Locking Forks and (2) ELS 35 Receiver Plates.


  • Provides a mounting platform for any Safariland® tactical or competition accessory
  • Very small receiver footprint
  • Useful in quickly switching out accessories while maintaining the same root product
  • Mount your accessories nearly anywhere: Belt, thigh rig, in the house, in a vehicle, or on a MOLLE vest
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